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Helpintg Tenants try and recover their secuirty deposits.

We strive to help Miami Tenants recover their security deposits. We enjoy helping Tenants who fully honored the Lease agreement by paying all of the rent, vacating on time and leaving the property in good condition but despite that, the Landlord fails or refuses to return the Security Deposit. 

We also help Landlords defend security deposit lawsuits filed by their tenants when the facts and law support the Landlord's position. 

Client testimonials

I  recommend Nick to everybody. I had a landlord that thought he was above  the law, and didn't want to pay my security deposit back. With Nick I  was able to win my case and get my deposit back. Nick is proficient at his work and gets it done.
Thanks Nick!

-Enrique M. 

Legal battles can be stressful and emotions can run high for the parties involved. Having Nicholas Felzen represent me throughout the entire process was truly a blessing. He kept me objective and helped me get an early termination of my lease. Furthermore he ensured that my resulting hotel expenses were fully reimbursed. His professionalism and honesty were refreshing. He was knowledgeable, personable, diligent, and truly cares for the best interest of his clients. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone seeking similar services.

-Ivette Salazar


MIami Security Deposit Attorney:

 Frequently Asked Questons:

Q: Should we take photos before we vacate the property? 

A: Yes, cases  can be won or lost based on photos and other evidence that show the  condition of the property upon the lease commencement and lease maturity  dates. So always take photos of the unit at the lease commencement and  lease maturity dates. 

Q: Should we hire a Cleaning Company before we vacate?

A: We recommend that you leave the property in an extremely clean condition which may encourage the Landlord to return the Security Deposit. So depending on the size of the security deposit, you may want to hire a cleaning company to clean the property or do a good faith effort on your own.

Q: When should I receive the security deposit back from the Landlord?

A: Generally, within 15 days of your vacating the property or 30 days to advise you in writing of the Landlord's intent to impose a claim on the Security Deposit. 

Q: What if I failed to object to my landlord's notice within 15 days, do I still have a claim?

A: Yes, you still have a claim. Your failure to object to the Landlord's notice is not recommended, however, it merely means that your Landlord may deduct the amount claimed from the security deposit. You may still demand the refund through pre-litigation and/or litigation. 

Q: What are the time factors for filing a case?

A: Generally, from the date that you vacate the property upon the maturity of your lease, you have five years to sue from the date of the breach of the written lease or only four years to sue from the date of the breach of the oral lease agreement. We always recommend that you file as soon as possible to avoid legal complications and loss of evidence. 

Q: What other areas of Florida do you serve? 

A: In addition to serving clients in Miami with their security deposit issues, we also serve clients in Miami Beach, Kendall and in Broward County with their security deposit issues.

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